What to do when you’re unhappy

Feeling Overwhelmed? Not happy with how life is going?

Sometimes life just gets all a bit too much and you aren’t sure where to go and what to do next. You know things aren’t right at the moment but you don’t know what to do to fix them.

And when life gets like that the best thing to do is act like a teachers smart board


I’ll explain

When I was coming of school age ‘smart boards’ were becoming all the rage, those boards that projected the teachers computer onto the big screen and then the teacher could annotate on them using the magic pens

Except sometimes the pen would write about 10 inches away from where it was supposed to

So the teacher recalibrated the board

Remember this page?

This is what we need to do with our lives right now

And I’m going to explain how you do that

Step 1: Stop

Sometimes you just need to take some time to yourself and refresh, obviously there are times when you can’t just shut yourself off completely but find some way to just take some time away without all the stresses and pressures of everyday life

That might mean using holidays at work, booking some time away, or even taking a sort of digital detox over a weekend/ couple of days

Maybe you might find that after this time away from whatever it is that makes you feel overwhelmed you’ll find that actually it’s not that bad and you just need more balance in your life. Maybe you’ll find the solution to all your problems. At the very least you’ll have a bit more clarity for the next step

Step 2 : Priorities

This is the most important step. You know you aren’t happy at the moment but you aren’t sure why? I bet I know why. It’s because you aren’t working towards your goals, you aren’t doing things that make you feel useful and productive. You feel like everything you’re doing means nothing.

For example you might be stuck in a job that you hate and has nothing to do with the direction you were hoping your life would take.

So the first thing to do?

Decide what that direction is. What will make you happy? Is it travel? Is it financial freedom? Is it helping others? It could be any of these or all of these and it could be something completely different (let me know in the comments what yours are!)

Okay now you know what would make you happy you need to turn these into priorities. The majority of life’s decisions should now reflect this in some way, shape or form.

Step 3: Goals

You know what your priorities are in life now, you know what will make you love life.

What next?

Turn them into goals!

I’m a big believer in goals, without a goal what is the point? Big, small, I love them all.

It’s up to you whether you write them down or make them into vision boards in order to remind you of them all the time or just keep them to yourselves but if you have a goal you have a direction. And it makes the next step so much easier if you know what you want the end result to be!

Step 4: Plan

Okay this is the juicy one.

You know where you want to be in life in the next 5,10,20 however many years

So how are you going to get there?

For example there might be a career position you want to be in but to do so you need to get more education, great, when are you going to get it? How? Where? What will happen before and afterwards?

Your plan will be your life bible. Are you where you want to be? If you are – excellent well done you! If you’re not that’s fine too – life can get in the way but what are you going to do now to get where you want to be?

Step 5(ish): In the meantime

I know what you’re thinking. This is all good and well but I hate my life at the moment. And I know, I understand, I’ve been there (heck I am there) but all you need to do is trust that it will all work out. Find little ways to endure your current situation until you get where you need to be.

Hopefully after following these steps you will feel more happy with how your life is going or at least confident that you will get where you need to be eventually. I know after I did this I felt a lot more relaxed and calm about my future and hopefully you will feel the same!

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