What to do at the beginning of the month to keep you super productive all year round!

I actually love the start of a new month – it’s the perfect time to set yourself up to be productive!

At the start of a new month, you get to start a new page in your planner and your life!

That being said there are a few things that I think are must-do’s at the start of every month to ensure that you can have a super productive and in the long term a productive year!


Sounds cheesy I know but its really important to take a look at the last month and decide how it went.

Look at the goals that you had and figure out how far you got with them.

If you achieved them then well done! What was it you did that helped you achieve your goals? Is it something you need to continue on in the upcoming months?

If you didn’t achieve your goals then don’t fear or beat yourself up – remember that not everything goes to plan all the time so ask yourself what it was that stopped you from meeting your goals and if there is anything you can do to fix it

For example if your goal was to work on a project of yours but you didn’t because you didn’t have the time then maybe see if there is a way you can schedule in time in this upcoming month.

Which leads us on to the next must-do for the start of a new month….

Set new productive goals

Not everyone believes in goals but I do,

I don’t know how anyone can measure their success without having goals to measure them against.

I think there are two types of goals that you can go for – vague and specific.

Specific goals are seriously important for your productivity – in fact I wrote all about how setting specific and measurable goals is important in my new year post

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By having specific goals you can really focus on what you want to achieve in this upcoming month and by the end of the month you will know how close you are to achieving it,

However I do also believe that vague goals can be great for your general wellbeing – eg there is nothing wrong with one of your goals being to spend more time with your family, or to try and be more positive in life.

I tend to pick a couple of each type of goal and make them my goals for the month,

Whatever you go for I recommend writing your goals down and putting them somewhere you can see them – like on the wall, your computer desktop or your planner, just somewhere to remind you of what you’re working towards

Plan your productive month in your planner

Because I’m a nerd this is actually one of my favourite things to do!

I love getting out my monthly page in my planner and planning out my month!

The first thing to do is to get any important dates down, birthdays, holidays, appointments etc and mark those in both the monthly and weekly views.

Then you can start on your to-do’s and tasks for the month and allocate those to the days and weeks that they might need to be done.

One of the reasons I like to do this at the start of the month is you can see straightaway where your busy weeks and days are going to be and can plan accordingly – in my case this often means saying no to extra plans around that time!

Of course one of the other reasons I love doing this is that it gives me an excuse to get my pens and highlighters out!


Okay, so this one is one that I really need to work on because I am terrible at making and sticking to a budget.

But it is something that should be done. If you get paid monthly as most people do then your budget should go from payday to payday and you should work out how much you will spend on each category of your life.

How much are you spending on bills this month? How much will you have left over? What money do you have to do your groceries shopping? Do you have any big expenses like car insurance or birthdays this month?

Planning out these things at the start of the month will help avoid any nasty surprises later on in the month and will help you manage your money better.

Some people do their budgets on apps and some prefer pen and paper planners – what do you use? Let me know in the comments because I really need to start doing a better job of this myself!

Tidy and Declutter

If you’ve got an area of the house that is starting to pile up and get messy then the start of the month is the time to sort it before it becomes a seriously big task!

Little things like checking your fridge for outdated food and throwing away the magazines that have been read can make your house seem more organised and make you feel like you really have your life together,

If you have a lot of clothes or you buy a lot of clothes it can be good to do a wardrobe and draw declutter once a month or rotate your clothes with the season.

So there you go that’s all the things you must do at the start of a new month to ensure you are being productive!

I promise if you follow these tips you will start to become more productive and you will feel like you have your life together!

Do you already do these things? Or do you want to start doing some of them? Let me know in the comments!

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