The habits of a successful student

Ever wonder how some students just seem to be good at everything and have their whole life together? It’s because they have good habits that allow them to work to their best. Once you create a habit it becomes easy for you to do and will help you be successful every day! Read on to find out the habits of a successful student!

Habit 1: Doing things earlier than they need to

How many times have you seen a successful student hand in an essay one minute before the deadline? Not very many is it? Those who are ahead in their studies find that they can produce better work knowing that they have plenty of time to perfect it.

Leaving stuff until the last minute causes unnecessary stress which means you cant give 100% to the task at hand. So you should allow yourself time to do your work. Start a few days, if not weeks, earlier than the deadline and push yourself to hand it in 1 day before. That one day could make the world of difference.

Habit 2: Organising their notes/reviewing their notes

I have talked about this before on this blog but organising your notes so that they are easy to find is absolutely essential when you’re studying.

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By having everything you could need at your fingertips you

  • save yourself valuable time hunting for notes
  • stop your brain from multitasking between studying and finding notes
  • have everything you need and know you won’t be missing any information
  • plus you will feel so much less stressed about the thought of studying!

However, it is all good and well having notes organised but if they are not organised notes then it may not be worth your time.

Successful students always review their notes after a lecture/seminar. Going over notes allows you sort the information in a way that makes sense to you as well as making sure that you understand the content. By reviewing your notes you can colour code, have headings and make the notes useful to your future self. As an added bonus it has been shown that you retain information better when you review it shortly after you learn it!

Habit 3: Prioritising

We all know that the life of a student is hard. With so many different things to do it can be hard to focus on what needs doing.

My top tip to be a successful student is to prioritise your to-do list.

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By prioritising your to-do list so that the most important things get done first (essays with imminent deadlines and so on) you will always be on top of your workload and will be giving the majority of your time to the most important things.

To do list for habits of a successful student

Habit 4: Keeping up to date with the teaching and learning plan and the online learning system

It actually never fails to amaze me how many people at Uni and college didn’t fully keep up to date with the online learning platform.

Personally, I have a habit of checking my teaching and learning plans and the online learning system at least twice a week. For our uni, there are announcements and other info given out on there.

By keeping up to date with these documents and platforms you will never be caught short by a piece of work that you forgot about, and you could even be ahead! Being ahead of the game and knowing what’s coming up is one of the best habits a successful student could master!

Habit 5: Have a planning system

I wonder when you’ll get sick of me writing about planning? Honestly planning is one of the most important things you could do as a successful student.

As I said before, being ahead of the game is really important and by having a planner you can ensure that you always know what’s happening and when!

Using your planner helps you never miss a class, never miss an assignment and always be on top of your time.

And those three things are definitely what makes you a good student!

What good (and bad) habits do you have as a student?

Let me know in the comments below!

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