Staying Calm In Stressful Times

We all have stresses in life, some worse than others, and every person deals with them differently. Well, here are my top five tips for keeping a cool head and staying calm during stressful times.

1: Time Management

This one doesn’t work for everyone but personally, this is the first thing I turn to when I start feeling stressed. First I work out how long each task will take me. Then I put the tasks into my planner. I keep in mind how long it will take me but don’t plan by the hour. There are other ways of doing this such as hour by hour planners (I love this one and this one by The Organised Student). By doing this small bit of planning you feel better for a few reasons. First, you don’t overload yourself with tasks you don’t have time to do. Second, you are able to prioritise tasks so that the most important ones get done first within the time frame. Plus you just feel like you have your life together which is always a bonus!

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2: Get organised

Similar to time management getting organised has so many benefits for your mental state. If you are one of those people who when revising has to look through 400 different sheets of paper just to find one fact/ name etc, then this is the one thing you should listen to. Files, folders and dividers help organise your notes by information. Also, try and organise your notes themselves to make information easier to find. This means that tasks take you less time as everything is easier to find and it will hopefully avoid a situation in which you have no idea where anything is the day before the exam and therefore feeling as though you don’t know anything so you feel like you’re going to fail, which is a very stressful situation.

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3. Time with friends

Whilst it may seem counteractive to spend time with your friends when you have sooo much to do, friends honestly solve anything. You should never deprive yourself of time spent with your best friends be it a shopping trip or a night in with pizza and a movie. Not only will this allow you to spend time with other people and get away from the stresses of exams etc but friends are often the best people to lift your mood and keep you calm when you feel down.

4. Baths and calm time

All my friends know about something I like to call ‘Sunday night bath’, every Sunday I have a candlelit bath whilst watching my favourite TV show. This is my relaxing time, sometimes the only time I have to myself all week. Something that chills you out, that is just for you, is something that will keep you calm during even the most stressful of times. Making this time for yourself is important and I’d say you should find what chills you and make time for it.

5. Talk to someone

Sometimes all you need is to tell someone about everything you have to do or how stressed you are. Find someone who will listen to you complain about these things, be it a friend, a parent or even a teacher. They might even be able to help you in some way if you tell them about your worries and stresses.

And there you have it! My top five tips for staying calm during stressful times. Do all of these and you’ll find your stress being more manageable by far. However, always remember that while a certain amount of stress is normal, if you are beginning to feel like stress and anxiety are taking over your life you should speak to someone, like your GP. Your mental health is most important. 

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    Love the look and feel. Really good content. Really enjoyed reading and the tips are spot on!


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