Setting Goals that set you up for success: A Guide

Do you regularly set yourself goals? Do you find that they help you achieve success in life? Do they leave you fulfilled and happy or stressed and anxious?

Setting goals is an integral part of success, goals can remind you what you’re working towards whilst acting as a way for you to consistently see things you’re getting right when you hit them.

However, sometimes setting goals can actually be bad for you – and that’s when they are the wrong kind of goal. They are either unhealthy or unachievable and they don’t do what goals normally should do – inspire and motivate you to work towards them.

So how do you choose between the right kind of goal and the wrong kind of goal? Read on to see 5 tips on choosing healthy and achievable goals.


When people are looking for inspiration for their goals in life they often turn to social media, especially Instagram. #goals is one of the most widely used hashtags on the platform, after all.

People use social media as ways to decide what their travel goals are, for example, they see beautiful places on Instagram and set themselves a goal to travel there. In a more extreme way, people see the way influencers and celebrities live their life and declare that their one and only goal is to live like that.

The issue here is that social media is not necessarily real! If you are choosing how you’d like to live your life by looking at social media than your goal is practically unachievable because life will never look like that.

If we stick with the travelling example someone might choose to go to a place because it looks nice on Instagram but when they get there they find that the culture is not for them and that the images are heavily filtered anyway. This leaves an almost empty feeling when the goal is achieved – and that defeats the point of setting goals in the first place!

All in all, if you set your goals based on social media they will be superficial and will never actually fulfil you, as well as probably never being achievable anyway!

Focus on goals that you can constantly work on

This tip could alternatively be called set little goals to your big goals.

One big goal can seem intimidating and unachievable and will actually put you off ever trying to work towards it. It’s like looking at a huge mountain that you have to climb.

But if you set little goals along the way it means that you can see the rest stops on the mountain and suddenly it doesn’t seem so hard.

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If you think about a really big goal like opening up your own business it seems impossible, but when you think about all the steps needed to do it as separate goals then when you hit each one you will have cause to celebrate and move onto the next one.

By doing this you have turned the impossible into the possible and suddenly your goals are achievable!


When you hit a little goal think of a little reward for doing so, it could be something as little as a chocolate bar for tiny little goals or it could be something massive depending on the task/goal.

Make the reward relevant to the amount of work hitting the goal will take you and you will have the motivation to continue even when you are struggling to reach your goal and complete all the necessary tasks.

By rewarding yourself you also have reason to set more goals on the road to success – you will start to set goals in all aspects of life and that, my friends, is the key to success.

Try to stay away from money goals

When you are looking for the inspiration for what your goals are going to be you should not make all of the goals focus on money.

Of course, you will have some money-related goals as you want to be successful in your financial life as well.

However, not all of your goals should be money related as it is a very difficult thing to achieve and it can lead you to feel unfilled when you do achieve those goals.

For example, many people who do have a lot of money admit that having money is not what fulfils them it is what they do with the time that fulfils them. So you should try to focus on these types of things as a basis for most of your goals.

Use them in a positive way

If you have followed all the steps above then your goals should be meaningful and thoughtful as well as actually helping you on the road to success.

Your goals should be set around things that make you happy and that when you have completed them will make you even happier!

So how do you work towards them in a positive way?

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Write them down and let them be a constant reminder to work for what you want, change your desktop background, or stick a picture on your noticeboard. Anything to remind yourself of why you are doing what you are.

Never beat yourself up, always remember how far you have come and that change doesn’t happen overnight!

What are you’re goals? Let me know in the comments


  1. Mila

    These are wonderful tips to helping you achieve your goals. I loved the part how you mentioned not to use social media, it’s so true social media so many times is unrealistic. Instead focus on goals you can work on. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Shannon

      I know it was one of the first things that came to mind because so many people do base their goals on social media and then they are unrealistic and unachievable!

  2. Daisy

    The part on using social media to set goals is to true!

  3. Jenn Summers

    Great tips! I do have to say though that I find social media keeps me accountable for my goals. If I say something on facebook I’m definitely more likely to push myself to follow through.

    1. Shannon

      Oh I never thought about that! I suppose it can be such a good way to hold yourself accountable!


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