How to stay self-motivated no matter what life throws at you

Ever find yourself working on a project and almost resenting it? Having no idea why you are putting all of this hard work and effort into something? Lost all self-motivation?

It happens. Sometimes we just lose our motivation to do something and when this happens it can be quite hard to get it back on track.

Especially when we are extra busy or have a lot on, it’s so difficult to justify the extra time and work on something when you have no idea where it’s leading you in the future.

Have your goals somewhere

I always talk about doing this because I really do think that it is important!

Without goals then motivation is almost non-existent as there is nothing to work towards at all.

And goals that aren’t solid or written down are almost just as bad.

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There are many ways to write down your goals from having a mood board to writing them in your planner or bullet journal or even having a separate goal planner (I love the paperchase ones like This one)

No matter how you choose to record your goals make sure they are somewhere visible and that you review them regularly. By doing this you keep your self-motivation by reminding yourself why you’re doing what you are.

Laptop with time and inspirational picture

Think of your favourite quotes and inspirations

“A year from now you will wish you started today”

This is one of the quotes that always motivates me to do what I need to in order to keep my future self happy and content.

It might sound cheesy but inspirational quotes like this can really help you remember why you are doing something.

In a similar vein having someone or something to look up to can give you that intrinsic motivation to do something. For example, if you are a blogger, having a blogger in your niche who you look up to can give you the motivation to work on your own blog!

Start and make yourself accountable

This is another quote that I love: Just Start!

I find that especially with studying, sometimes you really can’t be bothered to even open the book. But one of my top tips would be to literally just do five minutes. By doing five minutes you will find yourself getting engrossed and then you will find the motivation to finish the task at hand.

And even if you don’t find that motivation you’ve done five minutes more than you would have if you hadn’t even started!

And if that fails then have someone to hold you accountable, especially if its a passion project like a blog as sometimes these don’t seem important with the lack of deadlines etc.

Anyone can hold you accountable from a family member to a friend to an online group like a facebook blogging group!

Do you have any tips to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Zandra

    This is a great article. I needed this information today. I had a migraine and did not update nor market my blog like I usually do. Its important to learn how to go through the motions anyway despite how you fell.

  2. Tal

    Thanks for this! It’s true, we need to have the WHY to our what…otherwise it’s so hard to feel motivated. I recommend thinking of the people you are serving who will benefit from your work, it’s a great way to get over fears, doubts and other hurdles🙏❤


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