How to Stay Organised over Christmas

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Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. And it is, it is the most wonderful time of the year, but its also the most stressful! 

Think about it you’re having so much fun all caught up in December festivities that you have no time to actually sit down and organise yourself. We’ve all done it! Everyone’s a bit unorganised in December with all the nights out and present buying and shopping and I could go on for forever more but the point is that the diary is a bit full! So read on to find out how to at least maintain some semblance of order in the busiest month of the year!

TIP 1: Have a Diary!

Go back and read that second paragraph. “The diary is a bit full”. You need to have a diary!!! If you don’t have a diary you’re going to feel like all your brain space is taken up just by remembering where you’re supposed to be and when. If you’ve asked the question “wait was the party on the 21st or the 23rd?” even once in the last month then this is for you! Get a diary! In fact if you don’t want a diary just put these dates in your phone calendar, get an app, I’m not bothered! Just have a record because otherwise you’ll end up confused and overwhelmed… and that’s not festive at all!

Weekly plan diary helping you stay organised over Christmas

TIP 2 : Communicate (and say no when you need to)

Okay so we’ve already discussed the fact that there’s a lot going on in December. Add that in to the fact that nobody has any time to talk to each other and you end up planning four events on the same day, or agreeing to go to everyone’s house on Christmas Eve and drop off their presents. You’ll end up busy, burnt out and bah humbugging. Talk to people, tell them you can’t do something on that particular day but lets try a different day. I know this sounds difficult but hey, it’s got to be done 

TIP 3 : Scrap the Christmas Cards!

Controversial I know. In an age where everything is on social media it seems a bit millennial of me to say we don’t need Christmas cards anymore. But honestly we don’t! I helped my Nanna write and send her Christmas cards this year and it literally took me a whole night to do. Hours. She sends one to every single member of the family and their children as well as people who she worked with 20/30 years ago who she hasn’t actually spoke to since. And whilst I see how this is lovely and sweet I still think it caused a LOT of unnecessary stress and money when you count the cost of stamps to send! Christmas Cards are great for your immediate family and if you love to send them please don’t let me stop you in any way. BUT. If you simply don’t have the time or energy then just save yourself the hassle! 

Christmas card writing

TIP 4 : Sort your presents out early!

Most people spend the whole of December stressing about what to get people for Christmas. I can understand why. You don’t have time to go shopping yet, you’re waiting for your Christmas pay, you just don’t know what to get! I know it’s hard. And yet, I have a solution. Throughout December (Hell, even November if you’re feeling really productive!) start a list of all the people you’re going to buy for. Physical or Digital the principle is the same. Then, as and when you come across ideas for these people write them down. Even if you don’t get round to doing shopping until Christmas Eve you will have a ready made personal gift guide! 

Bonus Points if you actually write down where your going to get these presents from and how much they will cost!

TIP 5 : Just get things over with!

The whole point of this post is saying you’ve got no time in December to do anything! You can’t organise anything. And that is true… to an extent. Sometimes you just have to make time to do something that’s gotta be done. For example I hate wrapping presents. Hate it. So this year, I took the afternoon off work and sat down and wrapped all my presents in one go. Did it take a while? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Not really, no. Am I glad I’m done and don’t have to do anything else? Definitely! The point is, if I’d tried to wrap two or three presents a night it would have been a task I’d be dreading all day and it would feel like a weight on my shoulders. So try and do the things that you don’t want to do and you can actually enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

Wrapping presents and paper
How to stay organised over Christmas, tree on snowy background



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