Festive Period Organisation

We all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed through the festive period. With the big C looming over us there is so much to do that and organisation feels impossible!

Especially for the students among us with exams in January, we have all the usual Christmas stress as well as revision and studying to be doing.

I am going to share with you the tips I have used in the past, and will be using again this festive period, to stay organised and on top of things whilst also managing to actually enjoy myself!

Write lists

This is always my first answer when someone asks me what to do and they feel overwhelmed. Getting everything out of your brain and on to a piece of paper can really make a world of difference.

When everything that you have to remember is swirling round in your head it doesn’t leave you much time to actually do anything! So get everything out onto a piece of paper and write yourself some lists.

Here’s a list of lists that you could write – obviously you don’t need to do them all if they aren’t all for you but it might help give you an idea of how to have a bit more festive period organisation.

  • People to buy for
  • Shops to go to
  • Food to buy
  • Presents to wrap
  • Things to do (including all of the above)
  • Studying/revision to do
  • Places to go and fun activities to take part in
  • Cards to write

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Start Early

This one sounds a lot easier than it is but if you write all of the above lists on Christmas Eve it probably won’t do much to alleviate any stress.

The best thing to do is to start thinking about it in early-mid November. Past that point already? Then don’t hesitate to grab a pen and paper now. I’ll wait.

Starting early gives you plenty of time to allow for changes in plan, as well as enough time to spread the costs out a little bit.

Buy some presents early, start wrapping them before Christmas eve and get yourself into a good mindset!

That being said don’t start too early or you’ll take all the festive spirit out of things!

Have a budget

Christmas, whilst the most wonderful time of the year, is also the most expensive time of the year!

You need to have a budget so that you don’t overspend. Overspending will leave you stressed and broke and that’s just not Christmassy.

Make a budget early taking into consideration all of the presents you’re planning on buying people as well as any other expenses such as dinners, parties and social activities.

If you’re struggling to create a budget then Rebecca over at Boss Single Mama has a great post on affording Christmas – https://bosssinglemama.com/how-to-afford-christmas/

Enjoy yourself

Don’t get too bogged down into the technicalities of Christmas and the festive period organisation!

Make sure you make time for activities you love, for me, this is seeing the Christmas lights, baking and having fun with family and friends!

How do you stay organised at Christmas?

Let me know in the comments!

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