The essential study supplies you need to be successful

If you’re anything like me you actually love getting all your study supplies ready for a new semester and absolutely jump at any chance to buy new supplies whenever the opportunity presents itself!

But stationery is not just fun it is absolutely essential to get you off on the right foot in school/college/uni. Turning up without the stationery you need is going to make you feel unprepared and behind – not a good start!

What supplies do you need though? And where is the best place to find them? As a certified study supplies nerd this is my ultimate guide to the supplies for success that you need!

The Absolute essentials

Pens, pencils and writing tools

Pens are absolutely essential to almost every student. Even if you take your notes on your laptop you should still have a pen to hand in case you need to write anything down in a seminar.

Of course, depending on what you study you might also need pencils, for example, if you study science or maths and are likely to draw a lot of diagrams a pencil would be really handy to have. I personally carry a cheap little pencil with me just in case I ever need it – although I haven’t found a reason to use it yet!

I have a few different types of pens that I love to use

As I don’t use pens a lot now I’m not as fussy as I used to be on which ones I use and my favourite pens to write within general are actually the ones you get for free at University fairs and open days!

I am however much pickier when it comes to my coloured pens to make my notes and revision better.

The Papermate ones that I got from WHSmith tend to be the ones that I use the most these days but I also used to be a big fan of the Stabilo Pastel ones because they matched my highlighters (more on highlighters in a moment). Either of these options is great to add colour to your notes and revision materials.


One of my favourite study supplies that I can possibly buy is highlighters. I have had many different weird and wonderful highlighter sets over the years (I had ones that we shaped like cats once) but my absolute favourite highlighters are the Stabilo pastel ones. I love how these are not so bright and vivid that they hurt your eyes after a while and they make your notes look soooo pretty. Again I think I got mine from WHSmith but you can get them on Amazon, Rymans and probably so many other shops too.

Lined Paper

Another absolute essential.

Even though I take all of my notes in Uni with my laptop I still carry some lined paper with me at all times just in case I need to take a few handwritten notes or work through a problem.

Paper is one of those things that some people are really fussy about and others just aren’t. I use the Oxford Campus refillable and just put a few sheets at a time in the front of the file I take to Uni with me. In the past I have used the subject notebook from them as well, especially when I was at sixth form college. The important thing with paper is it feels nice to write on and the highlighters/colour doesn’t bleed through too much.

The important to have


I have already talked so much about planners on this blog that you probably want me to shut up at this point.

But a planner is literally one of the best study supplies that you can get yourself!

I got my planner from TK Maxx/Homesense and I love it.

It has places to write your goals for the month, a monthly and weekly overview of every week and motivational quotes. It also has tabs so you can flick to the month you want quickly and easily.

Using a planner to schedule your day is so important as a student as it means you stay on top of everything and don’t overbook yourself

There are so many places that you can get a planner so have a good look online and find one that is right for you.

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Files and dividers

As a college student, I literally lived by files for different classes.

I genuinely think I wouldn’t have got the grades I did in my A-levels had it not been for my file system!

You may have noticed that I like pastel colours? I bought these pastel files from WHSmith for my Uni work and I love them because they are pastel coloured but also the curved edges make it much nicer to carry around without stabbing myself.

And for dividers, this may seem ridiculous, but I went out and found plastic dividers. Mine are from paperchase and they are fab as they don’t rip and break like so many of the paper ones I have used in the past!

Other fun things to have

To do list pads

I am a huge fan of to-do list pads and other bits of stationery specifically made to help you be more productive.

You will have seen many different items like this in my blog posts and on my Instagram and I honestly have so many different ones that I couldn’t say where they all come from!

Most of the ones I have though I know come from Paperchase as it is one of the cutest shops that always draws me in when I’m walking past!

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A pencil case

If you’re going to have all this stationery it would be helpful to have somewhere to put it!

I love this marble one that I got in typo as it is simple and I don’t actually carry much stationery round with me now that I take notes digitally.

In the past, I used to get pencil cases with extra pockets and all sorts so that I could carry a huge amount of stuff around with me all the time!

So that’s all the stationery that I use and that you’ve probably seen in my blog and Instagram photos.

What are your go-to stationery items?

Let me know in the comments!

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