Achieving your goals: how to stay motivated

Feel like you have goals and dreams but no way of achieving them? Not motivated to do anything about it?

Believe me – I understand.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for years and I only managed to convince myself to do it this year! And usually, I’m a pretty motivated person!

Read on to find out how to motivate yourself to do the things you want to do!


Without your why these goals and dreams are not real – they’re just fantasies.

Why do you want to achieve these goals? For example, do you want to complete these exams to get into the uni of your dreams? Will getting that degree help you land your dream job? Are you working on your blog so that eventually you can be self-employed?

Knowing why you have to complete certain tasks is often a motivation in itself – there is nothing worse than doing things when you’ve no idea what you’re going to get out of them!

By having a reason to do something you immediately provide yourself with some motivation to do it as you can see the end result.

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Which leads us on to the next tip …..


Those why’s and goals we just discussed? You need to make them visible.

There are a few ways to do this and the most traditional is the picture on the fridge door – the point is that it is somewhere you look often and it serves as a constant reminder that you’re working towards something you really want.

Phone and desktop backgrounds can be great for this – in fact when I was saving money for a holiday I changed my background to the beach where I wanted to go so I would have a constant reminder to save my money to go there rather than spend it!

Usually, I have a few of my favourite quotes and reasons for doing things on a noticeboard above my desk next to my do list. Thanks to that I can literally see each task corresponding to my goals. Which makes motivating myself fairly easy!


Being overwhelmed is a productivity and motivation killer.

If you’re not sure what to do next or feel like whatever it is that you are doing won’t be enough anyway then it’s really hard to motivate yourself.

It’s a fact that you probably will feel overwhelmed at some point but there are a few ways to tackle that overwhelm and make you feel a bit better!

The first thing I would suggest is to keep a brain dump somewhere – be it the notes on your phone, a scrap bit of paper or the back of your planner have somewhere where you write down everything you have to do. Even if you’re doing something and something else pops into your head write it down.

If its written down its less on your mind which allows you to focus on what you are doing and be more productive and more motivated for that reason.


Now that you have this brain dump its going to be really easy to remind yourself of all the tasks and things you have to do in order to achieve those goals.

So mark down when you’re going to do them.

And be realistic – its hard to keep yourself motivated if you say you’re going to do everything today when there’s just no chance of it.

By saying you’ll accomplish maybe two or three tasks in a day you will see yourself doing just that and it will spur you to carry on and continue towards your goals!

Again this is something that you can personalise – some people use planners, some use digital planners like google calendar, some bullet journal and some prefer whiteboards or daily printables.

Whatever it is you choose to use just don’t be too hard on yourself and allow yourself time to have a life as well!


Now this one will only work if you have some really great people in your life but I find it really helpful to ask people like my partner to remind me why I do things.

When I’m really struggling I turn to him and say why do I put myself through this again? And he’ll remind me that it’s because of my goals and because I’ve got the strength in me to do it!

These 5 ways all work better when they are used together. By doing all 5 you will ensure that you will always feel motivated and ready to work towards achieving your goals be they long term or short term!

Are you struggling with motivation at the moment? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Christina

    Great tips! I’ve gotten better with motivation over the years, but I still have days when I just can’t get myself motivated. I’ll have to keep these tips in mind:)

  2. Brittany

    Thank you for these motivational tips

  3. Cori

    Asking for help is so hard to do! I hate the feeling that I’m imposing.
    But, you are right. My goals are bigger than those feelings!

  4. oprolevorter

    I got good info from your blog


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